About me

Hey there! I'm Chris Hortman, an ex-professional basketball player turned personal trainer. With a progressive 10-year career on the court, I bring my extensive athletic background to offer personalized basketball skills and physical training. But it doesn't stop there—I'm all about going beyond the game to provide mentorship and holistic development.


  • Australia (2014): Gold Coast Rollers

  • Germany (2016): TV Ibbenbüren (Germany Regionalliga)

  • Germany (2017): Schwelmer Baskets (Germany 2. Bundesliga ProB)

  • Croatia (2018): KK Pula 1981 (Croatian Second League)

  • Germany (2018): FC Schalke 04 (Germany 2. Bundesliga ProA)

  • Croatia (2019): KK Dubrava Zagreb

  • Kosovo (2020): Vëllaznimi Gjakovë

  • Croatia (2021): (REJKA)

  • Croatia (2022): Košarkaški Klub Stoja